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Plaquinha é coisa do passado! Quem ama
protege com a Pet Tag

A Pet Tag é uma tag inteligente com tecnologia QRCODE que identifica e gerencia toda a vida do seu pet, através do nosso web app que não precisa instalar no seu celular

What would you do if your pet disappeared??? 

 If you think this will never happen to you, know that this is more normal than it seems. Every day, thousands of pets get lost or run away for various reasons such as: Stress, heat phase, many hours alone, fear (especially with fireworks).


 At these times, it would be nice if our pet could talk! He would give his name, where he lives, his owner's name and phone number. I could even tell if he has any health problems. As this is unfortunately not possible, we idealized PETTAG!


 See below for all the information that PETTAG can store for you:



A evolução da plaquinha de identificação 

A Pet Tag funciona como uma identidade digital. Cada Tag contém um código único
que da acesso a todos os dados do Pet e do tutor.

Leve e compacto

Material Premium super resistente 



pet name


pet photo


Tutor's name




Todas informações em um só lugar

Qualquer pessoa que apontar a câmera para o QRCODE terá acesso a todas informações.

Altere os dados quando quiser

Link direto para Whatsapp e Instagram 


Birth date




Health Information

There are already thousands of users


Acesse nossa Loja

  • I liked the product and I want to resell PETTAGs. What do I do?
    We have special conditions for orders in the Wholesale modality. Contact us via email
  • Do I have some kind of company support?
    Yes. We give technical support to all our customers through our Relationship Center via WhatsApp.
  • Is it possible to track PETTAG via GPS?
    No. It is not possible to track the PetTag. The purpose of the Tag is to store the pet's information, facilitating contact with the tutor. We are working continuously and soon we will have news about the location of whoever scans the QRCode.
  • How do I register my pet's TAG?
    Just click on the "Register PetTag" button on our website and you will be redirected to our Relationship Center. One of our attendants will be ready to assist you via Whatsapp.
  • Can I change the data after I register my pet?
    Yes. Just inform one of our attendants of our Relationship Center the TAG number and the new registration data.
  • What is the PETTAG guarantee?
    In addition to the guarantee provided for in the consumer protection code on withdrawal of purchase within the period of purchase of up to 7 days. We also offer a further 7 days of trial, for a total of 14 days of full warranty. The Pet Tag is made of nickel-plated steel that does not darken and does not rust. It has a double layer of resin that protects against bites.
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